Egg Drop Project

Posted on January 24, 2011 in by lfiander

Egg Drop

By: Lawrence

Quick Summary:

The goal was to come up with a design that would save a egg from a 40 foot drop.  The egg drop was completed by Xavier, Jonny, and myself.   We were limited with supplies like stick, straws, tape, etc.  At the end we were successful and a little more.  We ended up exceeding standards because it survived multiple drops without breaking the egg.


Bottom: Had a cube box that had a stick go through the middle of it to make it two triangles.

Cube box

We did some research and found out that triangles were the strongest shape because it is a self reinforcing shape.  That means that they are all working together to stay stable unlike a square that is a parallelogram and collapses if one side has to much pressure.  With a triangle the only way it is going to break is if it has a catastrophic failure.  The triangles helped absorb the impact when it hit the ground.

Top: Had a parachute that was attached to a string that was connected to the cube box.

dome canopy

We tried to duplicate the dome canopy because we knew that it created a drag that would slow down the momentum of the cube box that contains the egg.  Even though we did not succefully copy the parachute our parachute was still able to slow down the force.  If we did not have our parachute we would failed our egg drop because our third time trying we did it without the parachute and it ended up cracking the egg.  Even though the box did not break it still did not slow down the momentum enough to save the egg.


I learned a lot about physics in this project, but i also learned some about myself.  I learned that I am capable of doing a successful egg drop project from 40 feet with limited materials.  I also learned that i am able to finish a long-term project especially with milestones helping me know when assignments are due.  I know that i am able to work with Xavier and Jonny good.  We used teamwork and split up the project to make it easier on us.  Those are all the things that i learned about myself.

Another chance:

If our group had another chance we probably would have did more with our time.  We wasted a lot of class time on this project.  We ended up coming in during lunch and after school to finish this project.  We would have done more research on parachutes so we would know how it catches air.  We would also have looked at more designs to see how they protected the egg.

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